This is my final review of the Gambling Don service from the Betfan stable.

The Gambling Don is a horse racing backing membership service, with selections emailed early in the morning. The earliest email was at 6:55am, the latest was 10:10am. Generally though, the email was received between 8:30 and 9:30.

The cost of the service is £58 for a 28-day renewal, £130 for 90 days, and finally £199 for six monthly.

The service has both win and each way selections, and according to the website, achieved a profit of 199.60 points over two months of proofing to the people behind the Betfan website.

During the test, I showed results to advised prices, best prices available when the
Emails were received, and to Betfair SP.

Stakes were advised at various levels, win bets were between three and ten points, each way bets were between two and five points.

The test ran for ninety days (24th May to 22nd August). Seventeen days had no selections advised.

The final results were as follows:

Selections: 139
Wins: 38
Final Banks (250 point starting bank):
Advised odds: 158.49 points
Best odds: 150.58 points
BFSP odds: 132.51 points

I showed a selection as having won, even if an each way bet placed. A strike rate of 27.3%, which is not too bad, but losses of 91.51 points at Advised prices, and 99.42 points at the prices found when the emails were received, means a loss of £915 and £994 at £10 per point.

With figures of this stature, and without including any membership fees, there is little choice but to include the Gambling Don service in the failed category.

Should you wish to use the Gambling Don service, I must recommend that you back the selections as early as possible at your bookmakers, and if at all possible with those offering a Best Odds Guarantee.

You can join the Gambling Don service here: