Game, Set & Match Punter – Reviewed by Chris
Hi – I would like to offer a review of the Game, Set & Match Punter manual. As you know, we usually carry out a minimum of a 1 month trial of a system here at Cash Master. The study of Game, Set & Match Punter however, will be slightly different. Instead of doing a one month trial, I will be evaluating the manual in a review format. The reason for this is because Game, Set & Match Punter is not a system as such.
If you are in to tennis, and would like to study the game further (either from a spectators point of view, or a betting point of view), then this manual is ideal. It goes in to fine detail about what affects particular play, or players, and is indeed a comprehensive 107 page document.
The manual begins with an introduction to what it covers, and quickly opens with the fundamentals of what to look out for.
Contents Include:
1. Introduction
2. A little about tennis betting
3. The surfaces
The author goes in to great detail regarding the different surfaces, and how the surfaces affect the ball and play, the advantages and disadvantages of particular surfaces, and which players are best suited accordingly. This section alone offers excellent insight and value.
4. The ranking system
5. The tournaments
The author goes in to detail about the various tournaments around the world, and which players perform best at which tournament
6. The players
This is the largest section of the manual. The author provides a comprehensive overview of the main players in the WTA & ATP tournaments, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and what to look out for to capture and optimize potential betting opportunities. This section is highly informative and offers the reader essential valuable data which is essential if you are to start out or better your tennis betting venture.
7. Form study
The form study section is a logical assessment of a game you might consider to bet on. The author goes in to detail about how to study form, and what to be mindful of
8. Off court factors
Finally, the author puts the icing on the cake, by offering insightful
information in to off court factors that can seriously affect the outcome of a game. These off court factors are key in many games, and arm the informed punter with the knowledge to be able to spot those hard to find, but crucial value bets.
Game, Set & Match Punter is indeed a comprehensive scientific study of tennis. The author does offer a kind of system that you can use to find a qualifying bet. This system is in the form of a point system. By utilising the form data, the author shows a logical basis by which the reader can score a player. The player that meets the high score criteria is the one to back, or the other player, to lay. The author makes it clear, that the semi system should not be used on it’s own, but as a foundation for a bet. The other factors he teaches should be adopted before making a conclusion as to which game qualifies as a value bet.
The author also offers various approaches to trading on the betting exchanges, and how to find games that offer the best opportunities.
My personal opinion of the Game, Set & Match Punter manual, is that it is essential if you want to achieve a successful approach to tennis betting. The knowledge base provided in the manual is well worth the money you pay for it. However, I would say, that this manual is for the serious punter, and not the lazy one. I have no doubt that if you follow this guide, and apply the teachings, you will win at betting on tennis. The down side to the success is the time it will take you to study the daily betting opportunities. You will need to be committed to making a go of it, and spend a couple of hours per day (if you do it correctly). If you are willing to do this, then I see no reason why you wouldnt be able to make a success of tennis betting.

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