Final Review

I started this trial in February, but due to the bad weather, and a small loss of 3 points, I decided to give it another month. So many races were lost in Feb, I felt it was not a true reflection of the system. March ended up with +7 points profit.

The system comes in 2 parts, and is based on Racing Post stats. We are looking for horses to lay based on a few rules. I initially thought it would be easy to follow, however, the system does actually contain some ambiguous ‘rules’. Some courses are listed as to be treated with ‘caution’. Does this mean ignore races at those courses, reduced stakes perhaps? The same with the going, if ‘caution’ is advised, why not just say the lay is cancelled?

Luckily there is also a low cost phone number to ring to check your selections, however some days the line was not updated, so my selections which I could not cross-check were not included. Towards the end of the month the phone line had a new voice, and was updated regularly, so perhaps my comments about the lack of updates had been acted upon!

Each selection is given a max price to lay at betfair sp. This seems fair enough, however, there was a winner with an sp of 6.58. This is not included in the overall profit but I would imagine a few would have laid this less than the 6.5 cutoff (like me!) and then the betfair sp was bigger after the start of the race. Most selections are actually non-qualifyers, so you will need to be patient with this one.

Overall, I would give the system itself a neutral rating due to some uncertain rules, however, as a pure tipping service I will give it a very cautious approval as finally the phone line is being updated.

You can get Gamekeeper Turns Poacher here: