This service has tiered subscriptions, with £29.99 per month for the basic subscription.

This service is based on National Hunt (Jumps) and takes a break over the summer flat racing season.

A 100-point bank is recommended, and, as usual, I used the £10 per point CashMaster standard.

Tips are received via email the evening before racing.

I recorded results using the advised odds without BOG or other offers that can easily be withdrawn, and Betfair SP with 5% commission for single bets. Where multiples are advised this will use advised odds and Industry SP. I don’t include Rule 4 deductions.

37 wins from 158 bets (23.4%) is a tad low and the service finished 8.53 points down (-£85.30 at £10 per point) to which subscriptions also need to be deducted.
Betfair SP fared slightly worse, and was 16.4 points down, but this is close enough that Betfair may be an option.

I am aware that I have been trying to follow this service through the final weeks of the hunt season, and this is never an easy time. However, the service has not made enough profit to be categorised as anything other than neutral.

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