The flat season is now well and truly upon us and, to help you make it pay like never before, I’ve just discovered an outstanding report about hidden draw biases.

This goes deep – really deep – to unearth 16 of the most powerful edges in UK (and Irish) in 2021. Be warned, though, some of what you think you know is NOT how you think it is!

For instance, did you know that Chester made a significant change in 2018 that has seriously impacted the most famous draw advantage in the land? Or that the straight five furlongs at Sandown is nowhere near the strip it was five years ago?

If you didn’t know about these edges, you need this report. If you didn’t know some had changed dramatically, you need this report!

It’s broken down into three parts, as follows:

  • Section 1: All About Draw Bias [what it is, why it’s important, when it’s important]
  • Section 2: The Biases [Analysis and breakdown of each of the 16 highlighted biases]
  • Section 3: “Cut Out and Keep” Draw Bias Cheat Sheet [this is the page you’ll want to keep handy]

This report is available right now to download, no charge, and it WILL change the way you look at flat races.

There are TEN meetings this week with races likely to be influenced by the biases flagged in this guide. Be aware of them before you strike another wager. If you’re even remotely serious about improving your racing bottom line – and having fun in the process – you need this guide. It’s only available for five days.

Go here now to claim your copy