This is a one-off review for the (Windows only) software Gerry’s Football Bank Builder.

The sales page for this system is very honest and clear in setting out exactly what you get and how it works.

It’s a piece of software that scans the Betfair Sportsbook football page looking for home teams priced between 2.50 & 2.60. Once it returns its findings, you pick the 2 bets with the biggest odds gap between the home and away team and back them as two singles and a double for half the stake of the singles.

As they fully acknowledge on the sales page, this method is fairly well known and has been around for a long time. I first came across it not long after the rules of football betting changed significantly, allowing you to place Doubles on football matches. It used to be the case that if you included a Home Win in your bet, the minimum allowable bet was a 5-Fold. If they were all Away Wins, you were allowed a minimum of a Treble.

The theory behind this system is that if only one of your two bets wins, the winnings from that single will cover the loss incurred from the losing single and double.

The other big selling point of this software is the Staking Plan supplied with it. I did have a few problems getting this part of the software to work when I first tried it but, I’m glad to say, the email support was very good indeed and my issues were quickly resolved. It works as both a loss recovery and a ratcheted profit calculator. Again, the sales page shows exactly how to use it.

The problem with all of this is that the betting system used to make selections just isn’t profitable. As stated above, I’ve known this system for a long time and discarded it a long time ago because I couldn’t make it work long term.

I decided to give this a month of testing to see if things had improved since the last time I tried the method. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. I ran the scanner mid morning every day and recorded the biggest price differences and the stake given by the calculator. I used the bank and staking levels shown on the sales page, a 100 point starting bank and a starting total stake of 1%.

I only had 1 day where both single bets and the double won, I had many days where 1 bet won and the other lost meaning a break even day. The issue is that at those Home Win odds levels you tend to get quite a few drawn games, which scupper your bet, so the 7 days where neither team won their game caused really significant losses which were only exacerbated by the loss recovery part of the staking plan. By the end of the month my bank had lost just over half its starting balance.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. It is very reasonably priced a £19.99 for a 1 year license and the software does allow you to change the odds it looks for and so could be used to scrape Betfair’s Sportsbook page in order to make a shortlist for other methods you may use. The software comes with a “Data Cruncher” included which allows you to see recent Results, Scores, Under/Over and Odd/Even stats for all English and Scottish leagues.

I have no choice other than to file this under FAILED as the system its based on does not provide long term profit and, in my opinion, Staking Plans should only really be used to enhance profitable systems rather than trying to turn a losing one around. The loss recovery element will always get you in trouble if your basic system does not provide winners at a reasonable rate.

The software’s functionality and the owner’s email back up are very good and £20 for a year of shortlist making and stat scraping is pretty good value but I cannot recommend using it as it is intended.Failed

You can try Gerry’s Football Bank Builder here