With this trial I have departed from my usual practice. Normally I use small stakes and show all results, except those where I was unable to place a bet due to circumstances outside my control (and when this happens I mention it in my post). There are usually very few such unplaced bets and if there were more than a few it would indicate that something was wrong and needed investigating. As a result of this methodolgy, the figures I post are a true and accurate record of what I have achieved (adjusted for the size of the trial bank) and take into account that sometimes “real life” intrudes into internet activity.

Where I have departed from usual practice is that I was already subscribing to this service and so the stakes I have used are “normal” size (for me) rather than the small stakes I would otherwise use for a trial.

When I started this trial I did have some minor reservations, as my bank had been moving sideways and this isn’t the easiest time of the year to turn a profit from horse racing. However, after continuing to move sideways and down for a short while, the service recovered and the trial has ended with an increase of just over 11% in the bank.

As alluded to above, I missed one selection as I am still trying to master the art of being in two places at once. If I had access to the internet when the email arrived I would have placed the bet, but I was in a situation where using mobile communications devices of any kind is not allowed. Countering this, I decided that ending the trial on a Friday made good sense and so it ran for an extra day, resulting in another win for the system. So it was swings and roundabouts with one set of circumstances balancing out the other.

Emails are sent out daily, with the usual exception of Sunday. The policy for sending out emails is: “…The recommendations are simple. I will email you the days selections at least one hour prior to the first lay. This can be at any time during the day so keep an eye on your inbox. I do try to get the selections out as early as possible but this isn’t always possible…” Generally they have been sent out in good time for the racing, but occasionally a late email was sent. In fairness, I think all emails were sent at least an hour before the off. Irrespective, I don’t think this service is particularly suited to nine to fivers.

Maximum odds of 4.00 are recommended, so there are no indigestible losses and there is the option of going in-running to get bets matched. I ignored this option because for me in-running and pear shaped are synonymous.

One thing I did notice – but then I was looking for it – is how often the odds were chased out shortly after the selections email was received. This may be coincidence, but it happened frequently and so I am left wondering. Coincidence or not, I found patience was usually rewarded and it was rare that I placed my bets at more than a couple of ticks higher than the price indicated in the email. Whilst I have not specifically checked, I believe that a good proportion of my bets were at lower odds than those indicated.

There is a trial subscription of seven days for £7 and a monthly subscription is £29.99.

With a profit of 11% on the month, I recommend that this service be added to the “Approved” list.

You can join Getfair Racing here: