GGL Sports (Final Review)

I have been looking at GGL Sports, a sports tipping service costing £100 per three months (lowest costing option), which concentrates on horse racing and golf.

The tips are received via email in the morning. For the tips for horse racing I used Betfair SP unless advised otherwise to record the results. For the Golf, I used prices from Oddschecker as I receive the email.

What I haven’t seen is any advice on Money Management. So I used a flat £10 stake, but also operated from a £1,000 bank, risking a cumulative 3% per bet.

The trial ended £95 up after 2 months, almost clearing the 3-month subscription and therefore allowing the final month to be all profit. The service hit a rough patch, which according to the results page was unusual for the service. The cumulative bank finished a mere £60 up.

The golf selections account for every single penny of this profit as the horses races barely broke even. That may be something to consider if you subscribe to the service and are considering how to divide one’s stakes.

I suppose covering the subscription with a month to go, and from the evidence of the results page provided by the service, I can go with a tentative approved rating for the service with one caveat, there isn’t much golf left this year!

You can join GGL Sport here: