Global Soccer Goals seeks to exploit the correct score market in football. The service is provided as an executable file (Windows only I’m afraid) and once you download the zip file it can be installed without too much trouble. To safeguard your purchase you are required to fill in a form with your email address and submit the details. In return you’ll receive an activation code (mine came in a couple of hours) and once you enter that the manual can be read.

As another safeguard the manual can’t be printed so you should make sure that you download it to a machine that you have ready access to.

The manual sets the scene and provides the rules you need to follow. It’s not possible to be too specific as that might reveal too much but the service is fairly easy to understand and follow.

You only need to a couple of websites to find the information you need. Note that you are likely to need several bookmaker accounts to obtain the best odds so there is a degree of work required once the selections are found. The manual also contains advice for those who would rather use Betfair but note that the author has not used this method himself so offers it as an alternative for those who prefer that trading platform.

Selections are possible each day. This does not mean to say that you have to follow this each day, I suspect you could dip in and out as necessary. As usual I’ll be using level stakes to track performance. A bank of 50 points is recommended and that is what we will use.

I will check on a fairly regular basis and provide results on a weekly basis.