Hi All

Firstly my apologies for not putting up the post yesterday. So I have listed Wednesdays & yesterdays results here. Although I haven’t been around live for some of these races (where I put SP & guessed odds) I am confident that these would’ve been qualifying lays. Anyway here’s the results & updated profit/loss figures:-


Red 2.10pm Tiger Dream 1.67 – Won (horse lost)   +£9.50 (£10 stake)

Good 4.05pm Kirklees 1.73 – Lost (horse won)   -£10 (£10 stake)

Perth 5.25pm Irish Raptor 2.00 – Lost (horse won)   -£20 (£20 stake)

Kemp 6.20pm Ballora SP 8/13 (1.70-1.75) – Lost (horse won)  -£30 (£30 stake)

Loss for day = -£50.50


Font 3.40pm Levit’ski SP 4/6 (1.75-1.80) – Lost (horse won)  -£50 (£50 stake)

Another loss of £50 on day

Bank = £919.90.

We have hit our longest losing run so far of 4 & halfway through our staking plan which has a maximum of 8. Next bet will be for a stake of £80.

All being well I will put up next post tom & hopefully catch as much of the racing as possible to monitor qualifiers especially with our current losing streak.

All the best