Hi All

Here are Saturdays & yesterdays results & my summary of the Go Fibonacci system which I have tested over the past two weeks. Anyway here’s the results first:


Mrasen 1.35pm  Elusive Dream SP 1/2 (1.60 BF?) – Lost (horse won)  -£6.00 (£10 stake)

Ches 2.15pm  Honky Tonk Sally 2.00  – Lost (horse won)  -£20 (£20 stake)

Mrasen 2.40pm  Blu Teen 1.75 – Won (horse Lost)  +£28.50 (£30 stake)

Hay 4.45pm Armure  2.00 – Won (horse lost)  +£9.50 (£10 stake) 

There was one other qualifier in the 2.45pm (Megans Joy) but due to the closeness of the 2.40pm you would’ve struggled to have got bet on in time. For your information the named horse won but it’s not included in the figs.

Profit for day = +£12.00

Bank = £1047.10


Just one official lay but Cool Running in the 4.50pm Clonmel was close (horse lost) also.

Cur 4.30pm Lizard Island  1.96 – won (horse lost)  +£9.50

End Bank = £1056.60


Start Bank = £870

End Bank = £1056.60

Profit = £186.60

Bets = 42

won = 25

Strike rate = 59.50%

Bank Increase % = 21%

I think this system is very good but it probably would need testing for alot longer to see how often if at all the losing streak of 8 happens (& I’m sure it would at some point). I’m positive by the time that would happen that the profits would have mounted up to such an extent that it would’ve been just a dent on the bank balance.

The longest losing streak we encountered was 4 & there was also a losing streak of 3 as well. Although we use a 87 point bank due to the sequencing it does take into account the worse case scenario of 8 losing lays on the trot. I think you could get away with a 32 point bank which would cover us for a losing streak of 6. As we made 18pts profit that would’ve been over a 50% increase on our bank over the days testing which is pretty good.

The main snag is that you need to be around lunchtime to look at the markets & then again in the afternoon for the afternoons races that you highlighted at lunchtime. There are usually between 2/3 selections a day so it doesn’t take a great deal of time to run each day, the issue lies if you have to miss a few days & you are in the middle of a sequence.

So on the whole I do recommend the Go Fibonacci but there is a word of caution attached due to the amount of time we have tested. I think it would’ve been good for the author to put some historical data in the ebook to reassure users of the likelihood of 8 losing consecutive lays. The strike rate however is as described, about 50% (59% in our tests).