Hi All

Losing lay yesterday so bank was reduced to £861.30. The race I missed yesterday where there was a potential qualifier was in the 7.20pm Kemp. The horse Boot N Toot came 2nd so we would have won our bet & ended the sequence to start afresh.

We did have a winning lay today in Kilworth (odds of 2.0) so won our increased bet of £20. There was also a potential lay bet in the 4.10pm Bath as the horse went off at 10/11. Whether we could have obtained 2.0 under on Betfair is debateable but for your information Gold Hush won the race.

Winning lays 1/2 (strike rate 50%) 

Bank now stands at £880.30 & we revert back to £10 lay stake tomorrow.  

I will aim to put my post up after racing tomorrow.

All the best