Hi All

Well yesterday morning I scanned the markets according to the system & had 2 races highlighted for close attention during the 10mins to the off time. They were in the 2.15pm & 3.45pm at Listowel.

The 1st race I monitored & the horse went off a SP of Evens but didn’t quite make 2.0 on Betfair. The 2nd race I managed to miss as I had a call to sort out. The SP was again Evens but was shortening prior to the off so we may have just got 2.0. I think from now on if I cannot be around for the off then we will assume that we can only get 2.0 or below if the SP is 10/11.

For your information both horses lost their races. What was more frustrating was that there was a 3rd horse which actually became an odds on lay. I used the price of 2.20 as outlined in the ebook in the morning. At that time Prunes in the Mus 2.50pm race was at the odds of 3.05. By the time of the race the horse went off at 10/11 & due to the shortening of the price we would have got matched at 2.0 or under. Again the horse lost!

I looked at the rest of the card & this would definitely been a lay. So possibly we could have had 3 winning lays all at short odds on the day but for recording purposes our imaginary bank stays as it is.

What I will do from now on if time permit’s is to look at the markets around lunchtime & increase the fave odds to 2.50 & below for potential qualifiers. Well at least we can all learn from my mistakes!

I’ll put up the next post tom.