Hi All

Yesterday I had to pop out for a few hours so other than the first & last selections (where I was able to confirm on Betfair) the other results have been taken from the full days racing results. I am positive though that all the qualifying lays listed below would’ve met the criteria specified.

None Qualifying lay 

Pont 4.30pm Strobe (touched Eves in betting market) – Horse dheated with Indonesia so lay would’ve partially lost if we had been involved

Qualifying lays

Yar 2.10pm Pinkindle 1.91 – Lost (horse won)  -£9.10 (stake £10)

Ayr 2.50pm Resignation 2.00 (went off at 10/11 SP) – won (horse lost)  +£19 (stake £20)

Pont 5.00pm Abydos 1.90 (went off at 4/5 SP) – won (horse lost) £9.50 (stake £10)

Wolves 8.00pm Trees Of Green 1.63 – won (horse lost) £9.50 (stake £10)

profit for day = +£28.90

Bank = £940.90

Thats 9/15 winning lays so far which is about a 60% strike rate. I am quite liking this system so far due to the low liability on each of our lays. The main issue that may arise is if we get a long losing sequence, so far it has only been 3.

Next post will be tomorrow.

All the best