Hi All

Yesterday I was around for the first two qualifying races & the 3rd/4th races had to go out & made my decisions whether I would’ve been involved based on SPs.

Qualifying lays 

Newb 2.10pm Asset  1.71 – won (horse lost)  +£9.50

Newb 2.45pm Papa Bull 1.90 – won (horse lost)  +£9.50

Newm 4.55pm Stubbs Art 8/13 SP,  BFair 1.70-1.75  – lost (horse won)  -£7.50 (based on 1.75 odds)

Non Qualifying Lay

Ayr  4.05pm Cpt Gerrard SP 5/6  – lost (horse won) – didn’t quite qualify due to odds of opposition

Profit today = £11.50

Bank = £952.40

11/18 winning lays = strike rate 61%

Post will be up tom for this afternoons/evenings racing.

All the best