Hi All

I have volunteered to run the tests for a horse lay system called ‘Go Fibonacci’. The lay system itself basically looks at laying certain types of odds on horses. The staking system goes 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 so we need 87 unit’s in total for the tests. I will use a fictional bank of £870 for this so each lay will be £10 x unit. Eg if we have 3 losing lays then the 4th lay will be for £50.

I won’t be able to run the tests everyday but will carry on the sequence on from the days I do test. For the days that I can’t test then I may be able to quote whether the sequence would’ve been ended by a winning lay (horse lost) although won’t be able to quote profit figures.

I plan to run the tests until at least the end of September & will attempt to where possible state ‘no bet’ days.

For the past three days there have been no bets although one or two times it has been close. There is one qualifying lay bet at the moment & one very close lay bet this evening. I will be unable to check the potential lay bet for this evening but will put up this afternoons lay bet here. So we’ll lay the following at the moment:-

Ches 1.50pm Belomi at current odds of 1.87 (12.30pm GMT). £10 lay so liability is £8.70

I will watch the market for this race nearer the time & report tomorrow how we got on.  

All the best