I hope you picked up your free value trading guide from Football Advisor last week.

I’ve just been advised of the launch this week of their new service, Goal Hunter.

A complete guide and strategy for profitable trading on the football goal markets.

Here’s a recent trade:

And another one from last week:

And what a typical day can look like:

The Trading Challenge

In conjunction with the launch of Goal Hunter, they have just announced a 12 month trading challenge for all Goal Hunter members.

They’ll be using the same trade growth planner that is shared as a bonus with all members. It shows you have to set reasonable and realistic trading goals while steadily growing your trading bank.

All in all, if everyone hits their monthly targets, their trading betting bank has the potential to grow 741%.

Based on that, here are some example returns by following the trading challenge:

£200 – target bank by May 2020 = £1,482
£500 = £3,705
£1,000 = £7,410

By following the Goal Hunter method you will:

  • Be able to accurately predict the price movements in the goal markets.
  • Know the real stats and trends that dictate football strategy and goal ratios.
  • Be able to identify AND create value for yourself in the markets.
  • Know how to find great and profitable trading opportunities.
  • Be able to trade no matter how busy you are or how much time you have available for trading.
  • Be able trade and make profits even you are not at a computer.
  • Know exactly when to get in and out of our trade for maximum returns.
  • How to structure your stakes to ensure maximum value, maximum profit and maximum protection.
  • Know what to do when a trade goes against you.
  • Know how to create a 12 month trading plan to meet your personal and financial objectives.
  • Access their full Daily Trading Sheets.
  • Access to regular trading updates from own personal trades.

No stone has been left unturned to provide you with the complete football trading package:

You will have a realistic, profitable and working strategy to apply to your football trading.

The structure and guidance to maintain discipline, focus and control of your trading future.

You can access Goal Hunter here