When this trial started Nick was updating results daily and I was reporting them here whilst keeping my own record of results to make sure they matched.

About a week ago Nick stopped updating them nightly, so I just kept the figures on the blog rolling from his last update. Yesterday he provided figures for the missing days and I found that I had a 15 point discrepancy. My loss figure was less than his. I went back over the week’s result and found that the difference occurred with the Nimes game that was postponed due to bad weather. That games was part of a 5 point Double Bet.

Nick has recorded that the games was void and noted in his figures the bet being settled on just the remaining fixture that won. The tricky bit is that the game was played the next day and Nimes won. I have not been placing these as real bets, I have been paper trading them and from experience I have found that if a game is called off, many bookies will keep the bet live for 7 days incase it is rescheduled as happened here. As it turned out Nimes won their game and so I settled it on paper as a full win double.

I have therefore adjusted the trial’s figures to reflect the fact that the game was void (Nick does place his bets, so would know for fact that it had been voided). The difference is not in his favour and the running loss is now -71.32 points before yesterday’s bet.