I have just finished the one month free trial offered by this service.

They had been proofing their selections to a betting club for two months prior to going live to the general public and had recorded a profit of 180 points in that period.

Our trial got off to a good start and made good money but sadly the performance could not be maintained. They recommend a starting bank of 200 points but also say that anyone risk adverse should use a 300 point bank. I decided to start at the mid point and went for a 250 point kitty.

By the end of the trial that 250 had been reduced to 92.18 points. That figure is arrived at using the prices the service quoted, which I did find to be accurate for the majority of bets. My own record shows a slightly larger loss (bank ended on 89.42) using actual prices I found as I checked the bets.

The customer service experience started off being extremely good but did tail off as the performance slumped. At the beginning of the trial there were daily updates made to their website and plenty of comments and questions being made and answered, however these stopped as the bank dwindled. Obviously I would not expect them to publish and respond to every comment made as no doubt they had their fair share of foul mouthed abuse thrown at them as the losing run continued but I would have expected them to keep the records up to date and to have published and responded to reasonably worded questions and comments.

I do think that the results they recorded during their initial trial are genuine. They fit the style and pattern used during our live trial and I have not received and comments stating that those figures were manipulated in any way. So I’m willing to accept they did make they profit they claimed during that period.

It has to be said that anyone who was on board from day one of their testing period (11th July) would still be in profit but once you take on board any fees you would have paid, had they been charging their usual rate, then that profit is wiped out and a loss incurred over the period 11th July to 20th October.

I decided against extending the live trial to a second or even third month as I feel that even if the bank was partially recovered over the next month or so, I would be unlikely to able to recommend it to readers given the wild roller coaster style peaks and troughs. The strike rate and average odds recorded during my trial do not instill much confidence of long term success.

As usual, I will publish my spreadsheet of results showing all stats on the far right hand side.

I recommend this service be filed under FAILED.


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