The following round up of the first week is taken straight from the service’s own members area but it matches my own records in every area, except the R.O.I where my own figure is actually a bit higher than Nick’s. I must say that I’m hugely impressed with this so far, not just because it’s well in profit (way too early to take much note of that) but mainly because of the insightful write ups and reasoning given for the bets placed and the interesting, open and honest comments being made and answered on a daily basis so far.

Fingers crossed that I haven’t just jinxed it.

Nick’s Week 1 Review:


Here is a quick look back at Week 1 of the free trial.

Bets 13 – Won 6 Lost 7.

P/L +19.2pts

6 NAPs – Won 4, Lost 2. +18.92pts

6 doubles – Won 2, Lost 4. +2.28pts

1 Longshots – Won 0, Lost 1. -2pts

Staked 92pts

Returned 111.2pts

ROI 17.27%

Thanks to your feedback, the selections now include the country and league, kick-off times, odds in fraction and decimals and last, but not least, some alternative quotes from bookmakers offering similar prices to the ones recommended.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the free trial and I’m looking forward to week 2.