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What’s the best way to know if a tipster is genuine and profitable?

That’s a question I’m asked all the time.

Proofing is good, but frankly you can’t trust 100% of review sites, so make sure you only follow those that have steered you straight in the past.

But better than proofing is the tipster that let’s you try their service for free.

A free trial will give you time to paper trade (or place small stakes bets) so you can see not only how profitable the service is but also how easy it is to get the bets on and to match the prices that the tipsters claims.

Today I have exactly that, a 1 month totally free trial of a service that has proofed 181 points profit over the past 67 days.

Secure your place here.

The service comes from a guy called Nick Hardman, who I first heard of earlier this year and who has been proofing his goal market bets to Betting Insiders members since July 11th.

To say it has gone well would be an understatement.

With 181 points profit in just over 2 months Nick has lived up to the hype.

Nick started out like many of us as a horse racing bettor, but over the years he’s used his huge brain (He’s actually Dr Nick Hardman PHD) to determine the very best places to bet.

The ideal criteria being markets that…

– Have strong liquidity
– Are highly predictable
– And that slip under the radar of bookmakers, market makers and the betting public

The result is Nick Hardman’s Goal Market Profits.

Goal Market Profits assesses one of the most predictable aspects of football betting in matches where the big bookies are under resourced and prone to making pricing errors.

Today you can try Goal Market Profits for nothing, nada, zip, zero pounds and zero pence.

Here’s the link, register your place now before the doors close on this great opportunity to get started on the path to football profits.

Did I mention that it’s free and there are limited places?

Today’s bets are already online and waiting for you in the members area, registration will take a minute, maybe two.