I have heard that the Goal Profits price will be going up tomorrow. However, act right now and you will beat that rise as well as bag yourself a free upgrade to Goal Profits Gold.

Why is the price going up?

Steve has invested many, many thousands of pounds into the Team Statistics software over the past year and a half. In the last few weeks he has invested another significant sum in order to upgrade many of the stats available to members. This includes a number of pages which compare true odds with live Betfair prices in order to identify value opportunities.

Obviously, these numbers which cover every fixture in 60+ leagues worldwide are extremely valuable to members. There are more than 20 tables for each league which cover all sorts of scenarios and comparisons as well as automated shortlists for different trading strategies, etc.

He is also switching away from his current payment handler and the new one will add sales tax automatically to the subscription price, currently 20% in the UK. This is something that he cannot control which is why I am keen for you to avoid that extra cost and save some money today.

How much will I save by joining now?

If you join right now you will not be required to pay sales tax on top of the monthly subscription. You will also receive a free, permanent upgrade to Goal Profits Gold which will cost £7.50 per month (plus sales tax) going forward. If you are in the UK you will save almost £170 over the next year which is a substantial amount.

Is Goal Profits worth joining?

We have reviewed Goal Profits at Cash-master and it was approved with no problem at all. Read the review here.

I know that the number of members continues to grow each month and that could not happen if the chat room, forum, strategies, videos, Team Stats, etc were not of an exceptional standard.

Steve has shared a couple of member testimonials, as follows:

“Evening Steve. I’m not one to post that much in the chat room, but saying that I’m always reading here what’s going on. Anyway, just to let you know that today I’ve just ordered in time for the WC a 65″ Curved LED 3D, 4K res tv, and all from the profits from GP since joining in Dec 2012. Keep up the good work mate. Must admit there’s been ups and downs but long term it works. There’s been several occasions when a lot of people would’ve moved onto another strat, but as the saying goes ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’.”

“Thought I’d just drop you a line about the power of the chat room this evening. The Rayo-Villareal game was tricky and a bit mental to say the least. Myself, Chris and Peter all came out scratch or better. The skill and ingenuity those guys showed was brilliant in turning their own trades around and their help and advice helped me turn a bad loss in to 30% profit.”

Want to know more?

Details of Goal Profits membership can be found HERE or you may wish to listen to a recent podcast interview in which he talks more about the service and trading community:

If you have any further questions you can contact Steve through his contact page at Goal Profits. He replies to every email in a timely manner, though he could be kept very busy with emails today so be patient.

I do hope that you take advantage and beat the price rise, you will be annoyed with yourself if you miss out!

Join today here: