Two weeks ago I wrote about Goal Profits, the football trading community.

Well, it can now be referred to as the Award Winning football trading community after landing Best Football System 2014 as voted for by readers of the Lay Back & Get Rich blog!

Goal Profits is creating a huge buzz online right now, even though it has been in operation for almost three years.

Why now?

In my opinion there are three main reasons for this:

1) Goal Profits is a friendly and productive community for traders to hang out and help each other land those profits. Trading can be a lonely endeavour, I mean, try explaining a “green screen” to a non-trader and see how hard that is! Since adding the chat room, teamwork has been taken to a whole new level and with Steve available during almost every trade the support is second to none.

2) The Team Statistics software is some piece of kit. Seriously, this is incredible. There are comprehensive stats for every fixture in over 60 leagues worldwide, everything from over/under 2.5 goals to goal probabilities. If a score goes 1-0, you can even look up the likelihood of it then going 1-1 or 2-0 based on previous performance of the two teams. Mind-blowing stuff!

3) Kevin Laverick’s Trading Masterclass is only available to Goal Profits members. Kevin hit Premium Charge last year and started again on January 1st with £100. By the end of June that same bank was over £15,000 – from Team Statistics alone! It is Kevin’s aim to turn a number of Goal Profits members into pro traders and he seems to be delivering, check out this quote:

“We have all the resources, help and guidance that anyone could ask for on Goal Profits to make a success of this. The main thing I have learned from Kevin’s series of ebooks is not to trade for the sake of it. Its an overused word but it really is all about discipline. June was a fantastic month for me. I created myself a copy of Kevin’s spreadsheet and chose a maximum of 3 strategies per day – if there was nothing I fancied that day for that strategy I didn’t trade that strategy. The result – a profit of £350 from just 22 trades with an average stake of just £7.16 per trade between 9th June and 24th June. I have not traded anything since and have reset my spreadsheet for July and will start again.”

The new season isn’t far away so you just know that you are about to be bombarded by all sorts of football systems promising the earth.

Is it worth trying out this and that in case you happen to hit on a good one?

Isn’t it better not to waste all that time, money and effort?

The best service available today is only £37 per month. It’s the easiest (and best) decision you’re going to make this year.

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