Here is the monthly update from Goal Profits for July:

July can be a difficult month for trading when there is a World Cup or European Championships disrupting league fixtures. Two years ago there was a loss after Euro 2012, then the tournament-free summer of 2013 banked a really good profit. I am delighted with how July 2014 went, green profit numbers right across the board. For a World Cup year that is very pleasing indeed.

This time last year, I really got to grips with Team Stats after a few months of bedding in. The results from July to the end of 2013 were stunning and I am very much looking forward to more of the same in 2014, especially with all the new trading tools on our side.

Correct Score Trading

My correct score trading ended the month with 16.6 points of profit. That works out at £166 profit to £10 stakes, £332 to £20 stakes, etc. Ignoring the two World Cup matches at the start of the month – which I should have done from a trading perspective too – the profit is 23.4 points. I trade best with settled league games and the sheer volume of goals early in the World Cup tournament drew me in, but a couple of 0-0s soon had me focussed again!

The best performing league by a country mile was Sweden’s Allsvenskan which produced 15.5 points of profit. Norway’s Tippeligaen was next with 5.4 points and then the Urvalsdeild in Iceland contributed 5.2 points.

The Japanese J-League has been disappointing this year so far. It didn’t get going before the World Cup in Brazil and then took a month off for the tournament. The league is back in play now but will take time to settle into form. The J League is one of my favourites to trade so I hope that it comes good again at some point.

Lay the Draw

I didn’t trade much LTD from the automated shortlist during July. There was no particular reason for that other than my workload behind the scenes with various Team Stats updates and new projects.

The shortlist highlighted a total of 31 potential trades during the month – a quiet one – and hit just two 0-0 draws. There were a huge eighteen 0-2/2-0 trades which produced excellent profits. This new LTD system is all about finding those better winners and Team Stats does a great job of it. The highlight for the month was an Icelandic trade with a winner in the 90th minute for a maximum return!

I would hope that with results like those and a bit of careful trade selection, all members ended with a profit for the month from LTD. Even someone getting it totally and utterly backwards would have struggled to do much damage.

First Half Goals/Second Half Goals

Both FHG and SHG enjoyed 5/6 winners through July for a total of 10/12. A missed penalty at Hacken in the 90th minute last week ended SHG’s run of 14 winners in a row which was a cruel way to go down. FHG is currently on an outstanding run of 11/12 winners!

Again, it was a very quiet month for league football but James stuck to his disciplined approach to match selection. It would have been easy for him to get impatient and trade for the sake of it, but his discipline and will to win is impressive. This has seen him through the World Cup summer having landed excellent profits; in fact June and July profits combined amount to £135 to flat £10 stakes or £156.46 to fixed £40 liabilities.

James said, “SHG in particular has made consistent profits steadily over the last four months now since I made the final tweaks and not just a short period of time. We should therefore be able to build profits faster with more selections to pick from as the winter leagues return. On the whole though not a bad two months given that the World Cup destroyed much of the trading opportunities for the best part of five weeks. It would have been great to have kept the SHG run going until the end of July, not sure how much more either side could have done though at Hacken to get a goal so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Hopefully members will see that the services have been refined and both are in good form leading up to the new season, as you say the summer leagues can be tricky but we’ve come out of them with a nice enough profit albeit from limited trades. The likes of Germany, Holland, England, Spain etc worked brilliantly with these filters during the testing phase with a strike rate of over 90% so I’m confident we can continue on an upward trajectory over the long-term.”

Football Trading Portfolio

David had a sensational month, FTP ending with a profit of £103.18 to fixed £40 liabilities. I don’t know anyone who would not be delighted with a return like that at any time of year, let alone the middle of summer just after a World Cup tournament!

“Goal Before Half-Time” had 6/7 winners and “Goal After Half-Time” landed 9/10 winners. This was an overall strike rate of 88.2%. There were no “Loser At Half-Time” selections during the month because he needs settled league to produce selections. A number of the summer leagues are just about there now and selections will start to appear in August. David has decided to replace his U2.5 goals scalping strategy with something better and he will announce that when it is ready.

Kevin Laverick’s Masterclass

It has been a monumental month for Masterclass; so much in place for the new winter seasons.

Kevin released his much awaited “Correct Score Trading” eBook to Goal Profits members and interest has been huge. It is great to see so many members posting profits in the chat room from their “Easy Rider”, “Rambo” and other trades. The eBook contains five new correct score trading strategies ranging from ultra-conservative to ultra-aggressive. Something for every type of trader.

When I read through the eBook it was all so logical and made total sense. Team Stats makes the trading decisions based on actual facts rather than our own opinions and judgements which are often clouded. It is fascinating how Kevin interprets Team Stats. I designed the software and had it developed, but Kevin analyses the figures and identifies opportunites in such a clever way. His brain is wired in a certain analytical way and that, coupled with his years of experience, make a huge difference. Goal Profits members are incredibly lucky to have Kevin on their side.

It was a relief to finally flick the switch and make Masterclass available to members. Putting the considerable investment to one side, I have spent countless hours over the summer working on the upgrade. It was a real challenge to get Betfair prices imported into Team Stats, then I had to work out how the software would analyse all of the new data in order to automate the match selection process. We seem to be there now and all of Kevin’s systems are covered. It’s a huge time saver for Masterclass subscribers and already proving extremely profitable. I had been looking forward to a rest before the new winter seasons kick-off again but that will have to wait!

To give an example of how Masterclass is performing, a member has been posting his diary in the forum. He started with a £500 bank on July 1st and ended the month with £592.81 after just 22 bets/trades. 18.56% bank growth is unbelievably impressive; and he is using just six of Kevin’s systems!

At this stage it is important to concentrate on the percentage increase and forget the numbers completely. If he can make a regular profit with a small bank, he can do it with a larger bank. Imagine if he started with a £5,000 bank; 18.56% growth would be over £900! It’s all about proving you can do it regularly with any sort of bank size, then growing to bigger stakes/returns.

If he goes through August and September making more good profits he is well on the way to a serious trading income. He has already identified that he must keep his feet on the ground, remain disciplined, stake properly and all that other boring stuff (the stuff that works). 18.56% profit may not be achievable long-term and a target of 10% per month would be plenty good enough to make significant progress.


The month ahead sees the return of nearly all the winter leagues and I have more plans besides. Kevin and I are developing a brand new database to find value betting opportunities and I will be releasing selections for a profitable strategy to members via a new Team Stats Gold page. This system has recently had 16/19 winners for just over 10 points of profit and it’s “set and forget” with no trading. Exciting times!

You can access all these services at a discounted rate from within the Goal Profits site here: