Here’s Steve’s monthly roundup.

An incredible August has ended. It can often be a difficult month for trading but this one has seen plenty of profit in the bank. The new Team Stats form pages have already paid for themselves and have helped the winter leagues get off to a very solid start.

Correct Score Trading

My correct score trades ended with 26.1pts of profit or £261 profit to £10 stakes, £522 to £20 stakes, and so on. I loosely aim for 30 points of correct score profit every month but 20+ is very acceptable, especially over the summer months.

I traded 59 correct score matches in August, achieving an average of 44.2% profit in each.

Return on investment is tough to calculate and I usually take the worst case scenario which is 400% at risk on each trade. On that basis the ROI was 11% but in actual fact it will have been more because that much is rarely at risk. However you look at it there was a very good ROI!

The profit by league makes interesting reading. I have not traded the winter leagues this early in the year before but the new Team Stats form pages have changed that. The English Premier League and Dutch leagues are already nicely in the green and the German Bundesliga has had a good start.

Back in the summer leagues the Tippeligaen (Norway) and Allsvenskan (Sweden) have done really well but all the good work was undone by the two second leagues. They usually perform much more consistently but have been hit and miss lately. The J League (Japan) has done very well since the World Cup.

Overall, August returned an excellent correct score trading profit, proved that the new Team Stats form pages were worth every penny of the investment and got the winter leagues off to a cracking start. I couldn’t ask for much more than that!

Lay the Draw

The LTD Shortlist in Team Stats has been a sensation over the past twelve months and it continues to generate profits. I can’t keep an exact profit and loss record without trading every selection – and that isn’t possible – but I can calculate a rough figure from the results page in the Members Area. If I assume that the draw price was 5.00 for every trade, the profit would have been a little over 5pts. I do not recommend that members trade every selection but that total shows the potential for profit.

There were a total of 54 LTD Shortlist selections in August and at least 42 of them ended with a profit. Just 6 of them would have resulted in a big loss and I am sure that members would have dropped a good number of those after a bit of extra research.

The one LTD Shortlist selection today resulted in a profit of almost 40%. There were plenty of chances for a bigger return but a profit is always welcome.


Masterclass is going from strength to strength as it works Team Stats to its full potential. Kevin himself had one of his best ever months of trading this month finishing up with over 105pts of profit. We all know that he is an absolute genius of a trader, but how are members doing?

This is Carl’s summary of the month:

“Just thought you might like the hear the results of my first full month using Kevins masterclass and trading techniques. Living in Thailand I miss out on a few matches due to the later KO times but I managed to make a total of 66 trades in August including 25 correct score trades. I made an average of 3% of my starting bank per day, so have almost doubled my bank during August. It would be amazing if that trend continued! Thanks for all the hard work that yourself and Kevin put in, looking forward to seeing the new database and ebooks coming up”.

And Laura turned her trading right around after a bad run. She had two choices:

1) This doesn’t work, I give up

2) This works for others, I am determined to make it work for me too

Laura emailed Kevin to ask for some advice. He reviewed her losing trades and offered some guidance which immediately made a difference:

“Overall I finished August 32.5 pts in profit. I did get up to 40pts but it went back down due to a few losing m22s at the end of the month. 9 out of 12 of the strategies ended in profit which I think is a great result.”

Tenacity and determination, two of the qualities that everyone needs to succeed at trading. Put those in gear and you’re away!

First/Second Half Goals

Over the last three months – June, July and August – FHG and SHG combined have made a profit of £209.50 to flat £10 stakes or £241.13 to fixed £40 liabilities. It has been a very quiet summer but James has focussed on quality over quantity, ending up with a terrific return. In fact, if it wasn’t for a last minute penalty miss at Hacken last month, SHG would have had 20 winners in a row. 19/20 isn’t too shabby though!

As a trading bank increases in size and stakes get bigger, you can imagine how the profit numbers follow. FHG and SHG are great little systems, really easy to use.

Full details of First Half Goals can be found here.

Full details of Second Half Goals can be found here.

Football Trading Portfolio

David’s FTP had a slow start to the month and then the new trade selection filters kicked in. Results took off from that point and almost got the entire portfolio back into profit, but not quite. Again, a real lack of quality fixtures was largely to blame and a couple of losing trades are hard to recover from at this time of year.

Since 20th August when the new filters started to be used the profit was £95.61 which is a really big return in just 11 days. In addition to these new filters, new trading strategies are also live as from today so it’s full steam ahead!

Full details of Football Trading Portfolio can be found here.

Coming up in September:

A brand new “set and forget” value database will be launched to Goal Profits members. During recent testing it achieved a ROI of 72% which is quite simply astonishing!

Kevin’s fifth Masterclass eBook will be released during the month. “Scalping” will look at pre-match, half-time and in-play scalping techniques and it will also include a run-down of every one of Kevin’s Masterclass trades during August which banked that incredible 105pts of profit.

Also, a “Goal Profits Glossary” eBook will be added to the Members Area to help new members get to grips with language used in the chat room. There are various nicknames and acronyms used by experienced traders which can be quite baffling to anyone new to it so a helping hand is on the way.

The international break has shut down all of the top leagues this week so my next correct score trades will be at the weekend.

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