I thought a brief post on the similarities and differences of these excellent services would be helpful.

Goal Profits is fully and solely aimed at TRADING games in-play. It provides page after page of statistics to use with its many different methods. Each method is fully explained and a shortlist of potential selections is provided daily. It has a lively chatroom, so help is always on hand. There are 3 levels of trading included in basic membership, they start with very low risk strategies to get your confidence up and you can then dip your toe into the next level when you feel happy with in play action. There is an optional extra fourth level with many more in depth approaches available at a small extra monthly subscription.

Basic membership is £37 a month and is ridiculously good value as you have access to all the manuals and stat pages for the first 3 level from day one.

Value Football Betting is primarily aimed at Set And Forget outright betting, that’s not to say you can’t trade them to grab some extra profit or limit a loss, but it’s mainly for those that like to have a bet then get on with other things. All the details of how it works can be found further down this page, so I won’t repeat them.

In an end of year survey, it was noted that almost 80% of Value Football Betting members were also using Goal Profits.

The two services are related but completely separate in aims and methods. Obviously both are well worth joining and members of Goal Profits do receive £10 discount on Value Football Betting subscriptions.

Either or both will make you money if you learn and practice. If you only want to join one, make your choice based on whether you have the time and enthusiasm to regularly trade games in-play during weekday evenings and/or weekend afternoons. If you want to trade, take GOAL PROFITS if you haven’t the time or inclination to regularly trade, take VALUE FOOTBALL BETS.