We first reviewed Goal Profits way back in 2014, adding a long overdue update in 2019. The Goal Profits service had come a long way over those five years and the evolution has continued since.

Systems, services and products come and go over the years (sometimes weeks or months!) but Goal Profits has stuck around since 2011 and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the Goal Profits team continues to grow in number and their product is simply mindblowing.

Firstly, what is Goal Profits?

In short, it’s a football trading community that provides everything you need to trade. There’s plenty of education, research tools, live trading tools, Telegram alerts and much more.

In terms of education, new members have full access to the “Goal Profits Academy” that goes right from the very beginning through to more advanced topics, such as trading psychology. If you just want a quick overview to get started with some trading, you’ll find that along with plenty of trading strategies.

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“Team Stats” has been built from scratch by the Goal Profits team. They say that it contains all the stats needed for trading in 85 leagues worldwide and in a format that’s ideal for traders. There are currently 9 rows of stats, from “Main Trading Stats” to “Goal Times” and “Score Patterns”. You can switch each row on or off to customise your own version of Team Stats.

There are multiple filtering options included. These are designed to do all the hard work, picking out fixtures that you may be interested in trading. For example, you can easily hide fixtures in lesser-known leagues, fixtures being played while you’re sleeping, fixtures in leagues that are close to ending and you can even hide teams that have a new Head Coach!

From there, you can specify very specific requirements. You may choose to pick out all fixtures in which one of the teams has scored in every match, or in 80% of their matches, or teams that are often winning at half-time, fixtures in which there’s a top half team at home to a bottom half team and so on. There are hundreds upon hundreds of combinations.

Once you have saved your filters, you can reload them with just a couple of clicks every day.

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When you spot a match that you’re interested in trading, add it to “My Games” along with colour-coded notes. This will then add it to the “My Games” tab of the Live Stats Module.

The Live Stats Module (also known as “LSM”) tracks in-play stats such as shots, corners and attacks so that you don’t need to sit in front of your screen. Come back at any time and the LSM will show you what’s happened over the entire match, the current half and the last 10 minutes of play. There’s also a “Rating” calculated by the level of recent action so you can see right away which teams are on the attack.

There are alerts that display when matches qualify for various strategies, you’re alerted to attacking and defensive substitutions, current Betfair prices and you can even click through to the relevant Betfair market with one click.

On top of all that there are “Quick Filters” and “Pro Filters” that allow you to set very specific parameters, then receive alerts via email or Telegram.

All of this is very customisable to your own needs and works on any device as there’s no software to download and install.

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Completing the suite of research tools is:

  • Team Stats Trends: Browse current season or up 10 seasons worth of data. You’ll always know which are the best/worst leagues for goals, home wins, 0-0’s and so on.
  • Team Stats Streaks: Pick out the teams that have won the most matches in a row, that haven’t had a draw, that have had lots of goals, can’t keep a clean sheet, etc.
  • Team Stats Database: This research tool contains data for more than 300,000 historical fixtures. How many matches that are 0-0 after 75 minutes stay 0-0? How about when it’s a top half team at home? A team that generally scores? Or many hundreds more combinations.
  • Second Half Stats: Get second half stats for matches that are in-play. If the score is 0-1 at half-time, how have the teams performed during the season in the same scenario?
  • League Tables: There are more than 35 tables for each one of the 85 leagues covered by Team Stats. There are even “Elite” tables that exclude the top teams so you can judge how teams rank without the likes of Manchester City or Real Madrid.

All of these tools provide a level of detail unmatched by any other service we’ve seen and it doesn’t end there.

The Goal Profits team has grown to 7 full-time members, boasting more than 75 years of trading experience. They’re online 7 days a week to support members, so if you need help or advice you’re sure to get it in a timely manner.

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Everything is centred around helping members learn how to trade football and not rely on anyone else for tips. The Goal Profits team really do go above and beyond to make sure that you’re not left alone to figure things out for yourself.

As we noted in our previous review, it’s interesting to read about football trading from the perspective of full-time traders and they really emphasise how important your mindset is going to be. In fact, you’re left in no doubt whatsoever that patience and discipline is going to be a vital part of your efforts to succeed. There’s no sugar-coating of reality at Goal Profits and that’s a very good thing.

We were impressed by Goal Profits in 2014 and even more so in 2019 when we took another look. Since then, the service has reached a whole new level of professionalism. There’s simply nothing else like it available anywhere else online.

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