The first review of Goal Profits appeared on this site way back in 2014. At that time, the service was already three years old but had been evolving from its humble beginnings into a full-on community for football traders.

That evolution has continued ever since, so let’s take a look at the Goal Profits of today and everything it offers.

When you first join Goal Profits (click here to do that for £1) you are directed to “Launchpad”. This is a comprehensive football trading course for complete beginners, which then moves into “intermediate” and “advanced” sections.

Launchpad introduces football trading in general, the Goal Profits approach to it and then the various strategies and tools needed to start trading. All of this is included, though you are restricted to the “beginners” material during your trial period.

You also receive an email from Paul Gillman whose full-time job is supporting you and other Goal Profits members. Paul keeps an eye on the support email 7 days a week so if you have any problems at all, you know that he will be on the case.

In fact, if you have any questions about Goal Profits before joining, click here and there’s a “have a question?” box bottom right. That goes right to Paul’s inbox and he’ll answer as soon as he can.

The professional traders at Goal Profits are Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick. They have written Launchpad and developed all the trading strategies and tools that you’re going to get access to.

It’s interesting to read about football trading from the perspective of full-time traders and they really emphasise how important your mindset is going to be. In fact, you’re left in no doubt whatsoever that patience and discipline is going to be a vital part of your efforts to succeed. There’s no sugar-coating of reality at Goal Profits and that’s a very good thing.

The trading strategies range from beginners to advanced, from very simple to much more complicated. Lay the draw has its place, of course, though Steve and Kevin don’t use it over the full 90 minutes as has traditionally been the case. There are also correct score strategies and some which go for goals or match winners. All are fully explained, often with screenshots and some with videos.

Team Stats is the software that the Goal Profits guys have built. At a basic level, Team Stats produces lists of qualifying matches that you can use with the various strategies. It then offers more advanced research tools which look for particular trading angles and/or value in the markets.

You can also use “Custom Shortlist Pro” to build shortlists using your own criteria. These shortlists can then be saved and used day after day, which saves a huge amount of time.

Once matches go in-play, the Live Stats Module takes over. This part of Team Stats records shots on/off target, shots inside/outside the area, corners, dangerous attacks, goals, cards, the weather, Betfair prices and all sorts of things.

You can also set filters which then identify trading opportunities automatically. It could be that you just want to see matches which are 0-1 in the second half and with a home favourite on the attack. All that can be done and it’s included in the £1 trial – click here

Members have their own chat room, with live trading sessions conducted by Steve and Kevin. Steve sends detailed review emails out after every session too which explain what he saw, how he traded, his profit/loss for each trade and so on. Everything is centred around helping members learn how to trade football and not rely on anyone else for tips.

In addition to the support provided by Paul and the chat room trading, there’s also a forum and direct email access to both Steve and Kevin. They really do go above and beyond to make sure that you’re not left alone to figure things out for yourself.

We were impressed by Goal Profits when we first looked at it in 2014, but since then it has developed into the complete package. If you have any interest in Betfair trading, you should click here and look around the Members Area for yourself.

The 7-day trial is £1, so not even a cup of coffee and you may just be amazed by it!

Goal Profits membership includes:

  • The “Launchpad” football trading course
  • Trading strategies which are fully explained
  • Unique Team Stats software, built from scratch for traders
  • Help and support 7 days a week from professional traders
  • Live chat room and forum

Click here now to start your £1 trial