What we have here is kind of like the best bits of two services I have reviewed and Approved in the past. It takes the basic premise of Assured Soccer Profits and runs them in a similar fashion to part of the excellent DoomMeister trading. Like both these services, this primarily targets the Correct Score markets on Betfair although they do also advise on Lay The Draw trades as well.

I approved Assured Soccer Profits but did include a few caveats in my write up about it being a little tricky to get the hang of and it being painfully slow going at times but once you got the hang it was a really rather decent money maker. What Goal Profits have done is to take broadly similar principles and make major alterations incorporating more angles and making it easier to get the hang of and providing far more interaction, back up and instruction.

Once you join the service you get access to the member’s area which gives you all the training manuals, videos, statistics files etc that you could ever need.

The manuals are very in-depth but easy to get to grips with, showing examples all the way. There is a Quick Start type version as well for those with limited patience but I really do think you need to read the Full Monty versions before getting started. There’s no claims to massive profits by using huge stakes, all examples and all discussion throughout keep staking to a basic £10 trading level, although your liabilities are higher at some points during the trades they never go into dangerous territory and there’s a good manual on Bankroll Management too.

This is a live inplay trading service so you need to be able to set aside the time the games are actually being played but it’s not high involvement trading so you are able to do other things whilst the game is on going. Just make sure you’ve got a site like Flashscore open so you can get an audio alarm when a goal is scored.

You receive an email every evening outlining what happened during the days trading and giving you the games that Steve (the owner) will be targeting the next day. On a busy day you will get a list of 3-7 games that are being targeted for the systems main two strategies (Correct Score markets) and usually a few games that will be targeted for Lay The Draw trading. There are manuals and videos available to show the complete method for each of the strategies and trading approaches used. These are of course only his suggested games, the brilliant Stats Pages in the Member’s Area are constantly updated and enable you to make your own pick of games to trade. There’s also a very handy “Shortlist” page that shows games with stats that are likely to make them suitable trades.

One of my favourite aspects of this is where it crosses over into a similar style as DoomMeister, you have access to a Live Chatroom. This is a brilliant feature. I’ve been in there a good few times and observed rather than getting involved too much but I’m really impressed with how it works. It’s extremely lively and well populated, I’d say there were around 20 or so people in there all asking/answering questions, chipping in with ideas, giving updates on how their trade was going re liabilities etc, advising how matches they could see were progressing. In fact it has the edge over Doom as it’s all entirely in English with all members joining in freely even when Steve is not in there himself.

This really is a very good service indeed and really much easier to get to grips with than some of the other trading methods I’ve reviewed. You also have the superb back up from Steve himself and the highly entertaining/interesting Chat Room.

When it comes to value for money of joining, if this were a stand alone Trading System where you were given all the Training Manuals, The Selection Manuals and the videos examples and then left to your own devices for a one off fee of £37 then I’d say it was an excellent product and that if you took time to get your head around the method you would certainly make that back in a very short amount of time if keeping stakes sensible and it would serve you longterm as there’s no “loophole” type trading, it’s normal trading on one of the most popular markets. So when you consider that you get all those manuals plus the excellent Statistics Sheets constantly being updated, access to Steve and other members via the Chat Room to help you on your way PLUS the nightly emails with advice on some prime games to target, then I’m happy that this represents good value. So if you can get in while it’s available for £37 you should take advantage. All you need is a sensible bank, a Betfair account and the time to do these games as they’re played.

The ongoing £37 a month subscription is also value for all the reasons stated above plus you have access to all the developments and extra systems available on the website.

This very definitely going in the APPROVED  section.

Want to know more?

Details of Goal Profits membership can be found HERE or you may wish to listen to a recent podcast interview in which he talks more about the service and trading community:

If you have any further questions you can contact Steve through his contact page at Goal Profits. He replies to every email in a timely manner.


You can get Goal Profits here: