I have now completed 3 full months (plus a couple of days either end) of results for Goals Galore tipster service.

This service sends selections directly to your email inbox on a daily basis usually by 10am. You do receive notification of a No Bet day.

The cost is a very reasonable £19.95 a month or £39.95 a quarter, with your first week trial available for just £1.

The area they target is the Under/Over goal markets, with the usual format being doubles on the Over 1.5 and single bets on the Over 2.5 market. I’m glad to say that no increase in third party spam emails occurred, you only receive your selection email and a daily “Free Tip” from other services in their stable. No real problem there, follow it if you fancy it otherwise just delete.

Needless to say, the prices on these bets are not very sexy. The average price recorded during the trial being 1.48.

I always check to see if the prices quoted in the email are available at the time and I’m pleased to say that on the majority of occasions I have found a better price available from a bookie via Oddschecker. The service nearly always quotes prices from either Bet365 or Betfair. When Betfair is used it is their Sportsbook prices that are used, not the Exchange, so there’s no commission deduction necessary.

We found an overall Strike Rate of 71.43% during out trial and the bank has never dipped below its starting point.

A bank of 50 points is advised in the welcome email so I set bets to be £10 a point from a £500 bank. I kept that bank to level staking but also kept figures for what would happen if we recalculated that 50 point figure at the end of each betting day.

Here are the end of test figures and, as always, I’ll show my full spreadsheet of detailed results:







R.O.I.  8.58%

Breakdown of monthly results:

DECEMBER +£192.50 (19.25 POINTS)

JANUARY +£14.10  (1.41 POINTS)

FEBRUARY£44.40 (-4.44 POINTS)

OTHER (Last few days November 2013 & first few days March 2014)  +60 (6points)

So, as you can see, December provided us with virtually all the profit gained and February went slightly backwards.

All in all, I think this is a pretty good little service. 22 points profit over 3 months is decent. I feel that the time we’ve had with it shows that, when things go right, it’s capable of building up a very decent profit and the leaner months are not too damaging.

Most bets seem to be on the Dutch leagues, so it remains to be seen how they’d cope with that being missing for the summer months. There was a loss of around 4-5 points recorded over the winter break in Holland.

I do think this service is showing value for money as it stands. Losing streaks are fairly short and with losses being fairly small in bad months the odd bumper run will more than pay its way.

It’s going in the APPROVED pile but I will be keeping an eye on it for at least the next month and will look how things go in the close season for Europe.


You can join Goals Galore here:




I said in my review that I would be keeping an eye on it for a further month as it had rather stalled towards the end of the trial but had recorded a very reasonable level of profit along the way.

I have kept close track of it and it has suffered a worrying nosedive over the last week to ten days. There’s still ten days left in the month, so time to turn it around. I just wanted to give a heads-up on this development.



Two weeks ago I gave a warning that Goals Galore, which had performed well during our 3 month trial, had suffered a severe losing run and was therefore being monitored for an extra month.

Sad to say that the losing run continued . All the profit gained during three months was lost and the bank actually dipped into negative territory, something that never happened during the trial.

It did rally a little last week but then suffered another bad weekend. The bank now stands at just £24.30 profit after a full 4 months. Even bearing in mind the relatively low subscription price, that’s really not good enough to remain on the Approved list. Such an annoyance that it performed so well during our trial, only to crash straight after.

I think a good part of the problem is a fact that I highlighted in my original write up, namely that this service uses the Dutch Erste Division an awful lot. There was been a distinct downturn in the number of goals scored there recently, it is normally a goal fest but things have dried up over the last month. I have seen it mentioned by other services recently but thankfully they have other areas that have carried the weakness for them.

I really don’t feel comfortable leaving this as APPROVED so will be recategorising it as NEUTRAL.



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