Two weeks ago I gave a warning that Goals Galore, which had performed well during our 3 month trial, had suffered a severe losing run and was therefore being monitored for an extra month.

Sad to say that the losing run continued . All the profit gained during three months was lost and the bank actually dipped into negative territory, something that never happened during the trial.

It did rally a little last week but then suffered another bad weekend. The bank now stands at just £24.30 profit after a full 4 months. Even bearing in mind the relatively low subscription price, that’s really not good enough to remain on the Approved list. Such an annoyance that it performed so well during our trial, only to crash straight after.

I think a good part of the problem is a fact that I highlighted in my original write up, namely that this service uses the Dutch Erste Division an awful lot. There was been a distinct downturn in the number of goals scored there recently, it is normally a goal fest but things have dried up over the last month. I have seen it mentioned by other services recently but thankfully they have other areas that have carried the weakness for them.

I really don’t feel comfortable leaving this as APPROVED so will be recategorising it as NEUTRAL.