I’ve been following the fortunes of the Goals Galore tipster service for the last week.

Despite the same name, this is nothing to do with the enhanced BTTS coupon offered by Betfred. What we have here is a service specialising in the Over/Under 1.5 & 2.5 goals markets.

Bets arrive via email every morning at around 10am and are very clear and easy to read. The majority come with prices quoted from either Betfair or Bet365, although I have found better at other firms on several occasions. Only in one instance was I unable to get near the price they quoted, I emailed for advice just incase they had made an error on the market in question. I received a quick reply saying that the price was an error. It was way above what was available and too outlandish to be any attempt to deceive so I’m happy all is above board.

Claims made on the sales page look modestly realistic and achievable, no signs of the dubious 100+ points a month stuff. Subs fees are also reasonable at £19.95 a month or £39.95 a quarter, with your first week available for £1.

On to performance. Well, it’s been a very good start indeed. There’s an average of 2 bets a day, usually it’s a single bet plus a double on the Over 1.5 market. Prices aimed at are low, so a high strike rate is going to be essential. The sales page claims a long term strike rate of around 75% and in the first week I have achieved slightly higher than that with around 82% resulting in a win at average odds of 1.45.

A starting bank of 50 points is advised so I have assumed a notional bank of £500 and £10 per point bets. So far the majority of bets have been 2 point singles and 3 point doubles (usually low priced O1.5 market) with the occasional 1 point single at a slightly higher average price.

Bets 16

Wins 13

Losses 2

Postponed 1

Profit £111.20  (£121.88 if adjusting stake daily)

S/R 81.25%

ROI 30%

Official results for December have not been added to the sales page as yet but I have, as always, been keeping my own spreadsheet of performance with details of each bet inc the best price I have been able to find. If Betfair exchange is used I have adjusted for any comm due at 5%. For some reason Google spreadsheet will not recognise the formula I use in Excel for ROI, it is easily checkable and my quoted fig of 30% is correct

Goals Galore Results