Having attended their sales webinar a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and give Gold And Silver For Life a go to see if this would be something I thought would be a worthwhile investment.

The sales webinar was a couple of hours long and was very interesting, giving the background to Minesh Bhindi, how he came up with the Gold And Silver For Life program, and what it can do for you.

The course fee is priced at a whopping £10,000 but you don’t pay that until you’ve made your first £100,000 clear profit. Instead you pay a deposit of £3,997 and you are entrusted to pay the remainder once your profit target has been hit.

Once you pay the fee and become a registered client you are sent login details to the member’s area of the site. There is a quick start video as soon as you login that explains how to navigate the website, and then you very quickly go through three or four videos that get you opening your accounts and actually placing your first ‘virtual’ trade within about an hour of logging in.

He doesn’t go into any details about what you are doing at this stage; you simply copy what he is doing and get your virtual trade live right from the start. The idea behind this is to get you involved straight away, rather than having to sit through hours of learning before actually doing anything. This is a very good approach. It’s fine sitting through training if you are on a day course, but at home there are so many distractions that some people would put off going through it for so long that they never get around to it. With the Fast Start videos you are live within the first hour and physically involved with the learning, which is always the best way to learn anything.

You’re then encouraged to sign up for the weekly coaching calls where Minesh does a live screen cast going through the trades that week but if you can’t make them they are recorded for you to watch at your leisure.

Over the following week I went through the whole course. It took about 8-9 hours in total, broken down into manageable bites of video. The video was filmed at a live seminar back in 2011 so there is interaction and questions from the audience. Everything is explained very clearly and there is backup documentation and extra videos that go into the specifics of actually putting the system into practice.

Possibly one of the most valuable aspects of the course is the unlimited access to the weekly coaching calls. It’s all very well learning the method, but if this style of trading is new to you then it’s very useful to be able to have regular contact with Minesh, currently every Monday evening, where he answers questions and goes over the trades that were available that week. Listening to other people’s questions is useful as often he is answering questions you may not have thought of yourself. I found Minesh to be very supportive and very quick to respond.

So on to the meat and bones of the method. If you haven’t already, it’s worth sitting through the free webinar. Bear in mind before you do… this whole method is about investing your capital in Gold and Silver and that the course fee is £3997. There is no point sitting through it if that amount is beyond your reach, as you won’t have money to invest in precious metals anyway.

However, if you have capital or savings sitting around and you think you may be interested in diversifying some of that into precious metals then at least watch the webinar. It will explain why it may be sensible to at least put some of your assets into gold/silver but not only that, it will explain how Minesh came up with a way to make those assets produce an income for you while you own them.

In short, the course teaches you how to buy gold/silver at below market value, and how to essentially ‘rent’ that stock for a monthly income in the region of about 25% per year.

It takes up to fifteen minutes a week to manage, although most of the time a lot less than that.

So is the course any good?

In a word… yes. But with caveats. Buying gold/silver is a bit like investing in property. It’s always going to be a long term investment. If you bought a property at the height of the last property boom just before the credit crunch, then a year or two later you would be sitting on negative equity. Imagine you paid £200,000, it may have only been worth £150,000 a year or so later.

Does this mean you’ve lost money?

Not unless you sell it. If you were forced to sell it because you needed the funds then you would certainly have lost money, but that’s not what property investors do. If you had rented the property out, creating a monthly income, and just held on to it, then by now the property would have regained its previous value (plus a bit more probably).

And this is how you need to view investing in gold and silver. Indeed, had you invested back in 2011 when this course first appeared, you would have paid something like $45 per ounce for silver (current value $17) and $1800 for gold (current value $1180), so if you were looking to make money on the increase in value in the metals then you would be disappointed.

But that’s not the point of this method. The point is to buy and hold onto the assets while making a monthly return on them and only sell them if the price goes above what you paid for them. And if you sell them for a profit, you buy again at below market value and repeat the process. So the idea is that you are storing your money in a tangible asset that will never be worthless, giving you the peace of mind that your money is ‘safe as houses’ while also generating an income for you.

So anyone that had invested in gold and silver five years ago with this method, even though their asset value has fallen over that time, will have had a return on investment from the monthly income that would have paid for all the stock anyway. Essentially, they are now holding onto free stock and if/when it goes back up in value they can also sell that for a nice profit, or just hang onto it and continue generating the monthly returns.

So am I happy to recommend the course?

Yes I am. I’d recommend watching the webinar so you can see why investing in gold and silver may be a sensible part of your overall portfolio. If you decide you do want to invest in gold and silver then this is certainly an excellent way to do it. Bear in mind, the value of your assets may well go down, as they have done in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you lose money (unless you sell them). Only ever invest in this if you are prepared to hold onto your stock for the long term. In fact, as the price of gold and silver has come down in recent years, it may well be that it’ll go up again anyway, in which case there’s money to be made buying low and selling high. Regardless, the income generated from holding the stock is generous, so whether it goes up or down in value, as long as you are prepared to hang on to it, you’ll make money. Indeed, if you re-invest some of your monthly earnings then the compounding effect can be very lucrative indeed.

Here’s what you will be learn on the webinar:

– How to cash-flow Gold & Silver at 12% to 26.4% per year!
– The 2 MOST PROFITABLE methods (used by Hedge Funds) to acquire Gold & Silver.
– How to Collapse-Proof your wealth and PROFIT from the coming currency collapse.
– How to retire without running out of money by positioning your wealth to grow 1,358% to 4,182% over the next 10 years with Gold & Silver.

You can register for the free webinar here