Gold Lay is a lay betting service that also hosts it’s own betting bot for subscribers. It appears that the bot has been created by the same company that did the JCA Racing bot.

Gold Lay bets on favourites and second favourites that have odds between 2.00 and 3.00 but also bases it’s selections on number of runners, jockey and trainer form, previous bets placed in Betfair and previous race finishes.

It comes up with a selection 45 seconds before the off so you have to use the bot for this to work. You get to choose three levels of risk. Beginners uses a stake of bank/25 and claims an average profit of 30% per month. Intermediate uses a stake of Bank/20 with claimed profits of 40% per month. Advanced uses a stake of bank/16.67 and claims an average of 50% per month.

On the highest risk it tells you that you can afford to have 13 losing selections in a row. (average odds stands at 2.25). The longest losing run from 1991 to date stands at 10 losers in a row.

Again, this will be easy to test. I’m using a £1000 bank, I’ve got the risk setting to Intermediate which is a level stake of £50 per bet.

I started on 24th and was disappointed to have a losing day for my first day. However, the following three days have been profitable:

24th -£176
25th +£146.50
26th +95
27th +£119
Total Profit: £184.50


As with the JCA bot, this one does not need to be switched on in the mornings. Once set up, there is nothing further to do except withdraw your winnings occasionally. Sounds good, but lets see how it performs!