I found no less than five potential selections today, but got complicated as the day wore on, so like yesterday, results first…..

Loss at early prices: -£14.40 (To date: -£153.50)
Loss at 2’ to off: -£12.20 (To date: -£56.90)

Straightforward here. The first selection of the day qualified at both checks, the only problem being that it won.

Loss at early prices: -£28.40 (To date: -£121.60)
Profit at 2’ to off: £6.80 (To date: £49.20)

Have to muddy the waters here. Have already mentioned the first selection of the day, the second did not qualify at either check. The third qualified this morning, but not at late. The fourth qualified in the morning, but not late. As we had two qualifying selections in the morning, no bets on this one. The fifth qualified at both checks, so carried the extra point from the staking plan for the first winner.

So with the exception of the Plan 2 late bank, everything is badly in arrears, and will need some time to bounce back.