This is a final review of my test for of the Golden Geldings strategy and service from Dennis Coote and Hazel Reed (writers of the FFF Plan and Fancy Fillies).

The e-book, would normally cost £97, is still available for £29.97. A monthly subscription service is also available, if you don’t want to research the selections for a cost of £39.97 per month.

A size of bank was not recommended in the e-book, and for the purposes of the test, I am going to assume that one point equals £10.

The main staking plan in the e-book is a binary staking plan, where after a losing selection, the stake is doubled, and in the event of that selection losing as well, the stake returns to one point.

During the test, I showed the results with the early prices, taken usually around 11am, and at two minutes to the off.

There are three plans, Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3.

Plan 1 is the first selection, in terms of time, that meets the system criteria.

Plan 2 offers up to three selections (usually), again in time order. Should the first two selections lose in a day, then the advice from the authors is to set a liability limit to ensure that should that happen, that the bank has some form of protection. For the purposes of this test, I am not going to use a third selection, as I would want to protect my bank.

Plan 3 is all selections, regardless of price. This allows the user to decide their own limits and liabilities, but with the understanding that the potential risks are higher. I do not like laying horses at higher prices, as it allows one winner to undo your previous hard work. I am not going to show those results here.

There is also a minimum and maximum price for the selections, as well as a maximum differential between the selection, should it be the favourite, and the second priced horse.

The subscription service does not provide selections on Saturday or Sunday, so I used the e-book to find those selections.

The final results are as follows:

Early prices final bank – loss of £158.50.
Selections: 54
Wins: 31
Strike Rate: 57.41%

Late prices final bank – loss of £46.50.
Selections: 50
Wins: 31
Strike Rate: 62.00%

Early prices final bank – loss of £76.60.
Selections: 86
Wins: 54
Strike Rate: 62.79%

Late prices final bank – profit of £101.90.
Selections: 74
Wins: 50
Strike Rate: 67.57%

I have to admit I liked the system, the rationale behind the selections make sense. The members’ website is updated at a reasonable time, and if it is later than usual, I found it was normally due to the authors waiting for the markets to settle, and when you are looking at some irish races, they can take a long while to form properly.

I also sent some e-mails to Dennis and Hazel during the course of the test, the replies to which were always quickly replied to and courteous.

However, what people are interested in is results. The selections are from the top end of the market, and with the ceiling set as it is, then you cannot expect a very high strike rate, as some of the selections are at the top of the market for a reason.

If you were happy to find the selections for yourself, it is neither onerous nor difficult, the e-book is quite straightforward in showing what needs to be done.

The Rating. Well I am going to sit on the fence a little here. I have found that waiting for the later prices, and taking a maximum of two selections per day, an average profit of 3 points a month was achieved. So normally I would consider this to warrant an approved rating, as a profit is a profit after all, and liquidity at the top end of the market is not normally a problem, depending on the time of day.

However the cost of three months selections would wipe out these profits, if you did not wish to do a little leg work of your own, and would then warrant a neutral rating.

My advice if you wish to buy the system is to work out how to collect the selections yourself, it is not time consuming, and leave laying the selection as late as you possibly can.

You can get Golden Geldings here:

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