Golden Key 2 Final review

I stated when I started this trial that I would only be giving Golden Key 2 a quick two week trial to confirm that the profit potential reported for Golden key ( still held. It does!

Golden Key is a very simple system, but does take some effort, around 30 minutes per day. If you work you will need to top-up this effort by loading a bot such as GreyHorseBot ( to place the bets for you, or you spend the rest of the day placing bets. There is an additional overhead in managing several bankrolls.

The headline figure of £5, 623 in two weeks is achievable, but not for long. Making this sort of profit will have your betting activity flagged very quickly. But even using £10 base stakes, a profit of £500+ in 2 weeks is not to be sneezed at! Another note of caution using £100 stakes; my biggest loss was £1,300 on a betting exchange and you need to be able to cover this. OK, the way the system works, that bet did not lose anything approaching this figure, but still…

The new method generates less profit, but removes much of the stress too. The headline figure for the same two weeks is £1,701. However, there is a huge benefit to this new way of operating Golden Keys and that is you can make all the bets in one place, no need to shop around across multiple bookmakers. So if, for example, you placed all your bets on an exchange like Betfair the headline profit increases to £2,248 to £100 stakes. Unlike the original system, this remains achievable long-term too. Even to £10 stakes, £225 in two weeks is none too shabby. The final benefit is that you don’t need to cover losses of £1k plus and therefore can be operated with a modest bankroll!

One final word of caution; you can be betting on upwards of 50 selections per day. You need a bankroll  that can cover this many selections. At £100 stakes this is going to be tens of thousands (I think!) for the original system, the new system, if kept to one provider, needs considerably less bank to operate.

I hope you understand, this system is difficult to review without giving the game away. I have to be suitably vague on many aspects. The system does work, but unless you are Roman Abramovich the original system at £100 stakes is probably beyond your means. The new method of managing bets is possible though and I feel easier to operate, so I am happy to revise the neutral given in my original review and give this a positive rating. Unlike the original system, I will be adding this to my betting portfolio too!

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