Monday 15th December – Day 1

OK, it appears that I didn’t have the latest manual, so I was getting incorrect results. This has been corrected, apparently, so, here we go again.

As previous results were inaccurate I am re-starting the trial from Day 1.

I do have to mention that the author has been very helpful in resolving my problems with regards to selections. He has been prompt in replying to my e-mails, and very courteous throughout.

So, to the results:

Starting Bank £250

14 selections, 13 losers and 1 winner

Loss for the day 60p.

Overall loss is 60p as this is day 1 🙂

New bank £249.40.

Slightly unlucky as another 6 selections placed. However, this provides an indication of how the system works; a poor day at the office but the bank more or less protected.