Hello and welcome to my virgin blog!

I started gambling about 10 years ago, but started to treat gambling as a second-income opportunity in mid-2007. I just love systems, and I am convinced that there are some good ‘uns out there! My biggest loss was £8.5k which, thankfully, was all from profits I had accrued; it still ruined my day though. However, there was lessons to be learned here about the psychology of gambling, which I have hopefully learned. I was, until 30th November, an IT professional, and love to write bots, macros etc to take the chore out of system selections. I am, now, a noobie professional gambler, as my ex employer had decided to part company with me.

Anyway, to the system….

Golden Keys is almost, but not quite, an arbitrage system. Refreshingly, the manual does not come with all the padding so prevalent nowadays, indeed the system is summarised within the first few pages; the rest of the manual provides the detail and some examples.

Because you need to lay at Betfair SP, and for this the liability needs to be in excess of £10, this is not a system to be played for small starting stakes. However, the sales blurb highlights that the risk is very small, and, I can see just from reading the manual how this claim can be made.

So, I will be using £10 stakes, where possible, and hopefully we will see if the small risk claim can be justified! My starting bank for this is £400.

Selections take about 30 seconds or so per race to assess. So a busy Saturday with 40-odd races could see the selection process taking around the 20 minute mark. The benefit is the selections can be made at around 11:30 and the bets placed for the day, no need to watch odds movements like a hawk.

I plan to provide an update each day.

Day 1

5 bets were identified, 2 of these were non-runners. Of the remaining three, all lost.

Bets today made 3, wins 0, losses 3

Bets total made 3, wins 0, losses 3

Profit/Loss  today -£1.50

Profit/Loss  total -£1.50

New Bank £398.50

Day 2

Interesting day. Six selections, all in the same race! As we are attempting to find winners I am going to take top 1 in the betting although the manual does not provide instruction on what to do in such circumstances. Hence, I am also going to adjust yesterday’s results as we also had 2 selections in the same race.

Today also highlighted a problem with the system, and, I believe, exposes the low-risk claim.

Tapaellya, a selection, met all the rules. It lost, which is just as well, as had it won on £10 stakes, I would have lost £90. That’s a big loss for a winning horse, and I do not call that low risk. 5 of the 6 qualifiers drifted badly, and Tapaellya was not the only qualifier where, had it won, there was potential for a big loss.

I will look for other occurrences of this as I believe it could be a major flaw in a system which is never going to make big returns on winners, and it only has to happen once to put a big hole in the bank.


Today: 1 selection, 1 win (SR 100%),   profit £5

Overall: 2 days, 3 selection, 1 win & 2 losses (SR 33%), profit £4, Bank £404

No selections tomorrow as I am Christmas shopping.