G’Day all.

Well, the new soccer season is now under way and it’s time for my first update for the Golden Soccer Star (GSS) system. If you remember from my introduction to this system I’m using the selection process that is outlined in the manual provided, which targets a certain market in seven of the top European leagues, English Premier League, Scottish Premier League, German Bundisliga, French Liga 1, UEFA Champions League, Italy Serie A, and Spain’s Primera Division, then when we have our selections we place five bets, 1 point a bet, on each selection making 5 points staked on all the games selected.

The system did show a massive return in the 2011 – 12 season of 4,600 points and I was asked the question for the results of the 2012 – 13 season, these showed a return considerably less at 346 points profit for the 5 bets per game and 396 points for the 4 bets per game option. So this system does relay on hitting some big winners to show those big returns. But in saying that 346 or 396 points per season is better then some paid services, lets see what happens in the coming weeks. Also , since I started with the 5 bets per game option I will continue with that.

The following results are for the period 23/07/13  –  19/08/13 and includes selections from all the leagues mentioned above except Italy Serie A which starts this week-end.

Total Number Of Selections: 43

Total Number Of Points Staked: 215 (5 Points Per Game)

Total Points Won: 64.50

Current Points Balance: -150.50