Final Review

G’day all.

We are now 2 months into the soccer season and I’ve decided to bring our trial of the Golden Soccer Star (GSS) system to a close. GSS did show a massive return in the 2011 – 12 season of 4600 points, but the 2012 – 13 season showed a return of 346 points on placing 5 bets per game and 396 points if you were placing 4 bets per game, a big difference between the two seasons and after 62 days of trialling the system we showed a loss of -385.5 points.

A quick recap, the system targets seven of the top leagues English Premier, Scottish Premier, German Bundesliga, French Liga 1, Italy Serie A, Spain’s Primera Division and the UEFA Champions League and using the criteria set out in the manual, which only uses two rules, we are able to obtain our selections, then we place five or four bets in the correct score market, one point for each bet making a total of four or five points per game selected. The idea of placing five or four bets per game is explained in the manual and you will have to decide the option that suits you the best. The selection process, finding the best odds and placing the bets can become quite tedious and time consuming as the system can throw up a large number of selections. After you purchase the system there is an option, for an additional payment, to have selections sent to you via email. This will definitely save you time, but remember you will also have to check for the best odds, to maximise any winning bets and then place your bets with each bookmaker, you will need accounts with most of the bookmakers that give you BOG and also TrioBet, who seem to give the best odds for the larger results.

The results below are for the period 23/07/2013 – 22/09/2013, a total of 62 days for the trial:

Total Number Of Selections: 139

Total Number Of points Staked: 695 (5 Points Per Game)

Total Number Of Winning Bets: 34

Strike Rate: 24.46%

Total Number Of Points Won: 309.5

Finishing Points Balance: – 385.5

At £2 a point, the total amount staked would be £1,390.00, with a return of £619.00, showing a loss of £771.00.


To make a profit with this system you need a number of the games you have selected to produce a big result that could give you a return of upto 1000/1, this can happen, as past result have shown on the venders website, but it only happens now and again. I think it would be impossible to actually predict that sort of outcome, so you will need plenty of games to bet on. The design of GSS is to try and hit those big winners.

If you decide to give GSS a go, make sure you have accounts with a number of the BOG bookmakers and all the accounts have suffient funds, you will need a large betting bank.

That brings me into which category do I place this system, after the results of the last two months I had intended to place it in the failed folder, but I do not believe that is fair to the system or it’s author, as a couple of decent wins could put you in a very high profit situation. I believe to give this type of system a proper trial you have to do it for the complete season, as the results for the last two seasons do show the system finished in profit, and for that reason I going to give Golden Soccer Star a “Neutral” rating.

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