Hi all, Ken here, I’m one of Graham’s new reviewers. I live in Queensland, Australia and have been betting on sports for a number of years. Having recently retired I now have more time to look at betting system’s and with the new soccer season just around the corner I’m happy to say that my first review will be the Golden Soccer Star (GSS) system.

GSS come’s from the well known Steve Davidson Publishing, who is responsible for a number of respected system’s including the popular “All By The Book” Horse Racing Method.

The first thing you will see when you look at the sales page for GSS is 4600 points for the 2011-2012 season and further down the page the “what if” scenarios, depending on the amount you use for your stake:

$2.00   Stakes = $9,200

$5.00   Stakes = $23,000

$10.00 Stakes = $46,000

$25.00 Stakes = $115,000

Wow, if the system can make 50% of that I would and I’m sure you would be very happy as well, so lets look at what the system offers.

Before you purchase, be aware the download is not a PDF, it’s an exe file and will not work on any apple products, also, the file is protected so you will be asked to supply your email and an Activation Code will be sent, I found this quick and straightforward, I received my code and was reading the file within an hour of downloading. There is no refund on this product as Steve believes you are not buying a tangible product but information which cannot be returned.

The file is easy to read, straight to the point, plenty of examples and definitely not padded with useless information. The system targets one particular market and uses seven European Leagues to get your selections, the English Premier League, Scottish Premier League, German Bundisliga, French Liga 1, UEFA Champions League, Italy Serie A and the Spain’s Primera Division, there are only a few rules to follow and the information required to confirm your selections are found on a football stat’s site which is free and easy to access.

5 bets are placed on each selection, 5 points, so be very careful what value to set your stake at, per point, as this could mount up very quickly and put pressure on your betting bank. There is an option to place four bets on each selection, the results shown are very similar and it will reduce your staking amount for the season. During this trial I will be using five bets per selection, 5 points, also I’ll be using oddschecker and BOG bookies where possible when placing bets to maximise the returns.

It does not take long to get your selections, I found the process quick and easy to do, I had the selections for the first week in less than 30 minutes, you can also place your bets well in advance of the games starting. But if you are time poor, after you have purchased the system  there is a subscription service on offer, for an additional monthly or yearly fee where the selections can be emailed to you, there is a members site you can access as well. I will be obtaining all the selections myself using the criteria outlined in the manual.

I did send an email to Steve about one of the leagues, this was answered promptly and quickly by Steve and the author of the system so I’m confident there would be no problems if you needed to  contact them for support.

I will run the trial for 3 months, the first games with confirmed selections are due to kick off early August and I will posts regular updates with the results during this time.