Towards the end of June I reviewed Golf Betting Expert, a golf tipping service costing £49.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter from the Betting Gods stable.

The trial ended 115 points up and has gone on to make 82 points. The total for the year is 340 plus points, £3,400 at £10 per point, and if you take the £100 per quarter subscription option that still leaves £3,000 after subs. A compounding staking plan could have seen even better returns. A quick and dirty calculation using results for this year shows that starting at £2,000, using an initial 0.5% stake, and increasing stakes 50% when bank grows 50% sees the bank at £6, 580! Be warned though, there was a run of losses that nearly wiped the bank out. This is not a stake plan recommendation, you’ll need to do your own research.

Further, please recall that I had bookmaker issues and had to result to Betfair by the end of the trial which does mean lower returns. Even so, in my opinion, the service remains profitable.

You can get Golf Betting Expert here.

NB data used is up to 12 December 2017 which is all that is available as I write this article.