I have been looking at Golf Insider, a golf tipping service that costs £44.40 per month.

What you get is, usually, a couple of emails per week; one each for European Tour and PGA. The email contains details on the competition, and selected bets with number of points to invest and suggested bookmaker.

In this trial I assumed that the advised price was available, and I didn’t monitor Betfair prices. Golf betting is achievable on Betfair but they offer different place-win markets making it difficult to compare with Bookmakers.

I pushed the trial to 21 weeks to cover The Open.

Past few weeks the service has been unlucky with high-odds place market selections just failing to win by just 1 stroke. Even so, the service finished 109 points up, with 17 winners from 185 bets. A bet was counted a win if it returned a profit. That is £1,090 to the Cashmaster standard £10 per bet.

Golf betting will go on long losing runs but will land occasional high-odds winners and the 10.9% strike rate confirms this. The best win in this period was at 80/1.

With such a handsome profit I have no hesitation in approving this, but please make sure you can handle the drawdown periods.

You can get Golf Insider here.