In 2020 Golfbetsgold members had 9 tournament winners and 32 placed selections at odds of up to 125/1.

Golfbetsgold have created a report outlining how they achieved this profit as well as details of the bets themselves. They also identified some key lessons from 2020 and ways to tweak the betting strategy to become even more profitable in 2021.

Download the performance report to get two more free guides:

  • 5 Players to Watch in 2021 pinpoints a couple of players on both the US and European Tours as well as their pick for who ends up as the World #1.
  • How to Win at Golf which goes into detail about the strategies that they have developed over the years that makes them consistently profitable.

Read these and you’ll immediately understand the opportunities and advantages that exist within golf betting and how bookmakers are more or less forced to give savvier punters an edge that just doesn’t exist in any other kind of sports betting.

Download the first free report now and automatically receive the two other free reports and become a savvier sports betting punter in 2021.

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