We originally tested this service this time last year, and gave it an approved rating at the beginning of February after it made £982 profit at £1 per point. It then, perhaps predictably, went on to have it’s first ever losing month in February and then a particularly harsh losing month in July that would have bust the recommended betting bank at the time. At this point I moved the service into the Failed section on the blog with a view to monitoring it going forwards.

They have since changed their recommended betting bank from 500 points to 1000 points, which is far more sensible, and have returned the following results:

Mar: 82.73
Apr: 204.86
May: 339.93
Jun: 66.40
Aug: 124.48
Sep: 96.5
Oct: 190

Total: 270.61

So, based on a £1000 betting bank, you would have made £270.61 profit of which you would need to subtract the membership fees which, even at the cheapest annual fee, would still see you in the red right now.

However, they recently contacted me to say they had made some big changes to how they pick, and they’re 200 points up this month already so they may well be turning this around.

On top of this they are making the following guarantee to Cash Master readers… profit or your money back. If you don’t make a profit in any month – after your subscription fee has been deducted – then you will receive a full refund on that months payment.

So you either make a net profit, or you get your subscription refunded.

I’ll do another update in February, one full year since our initial review.

You can try Great Bets here