I’m a bit annoyed at myself. I turns out I didn’t check my settings thoroughly enough and I’ve left a box ticked that shouldn’t have been ticked. I had my bot set to NOT BET in any race where there was a non-runner that had a reduction factor of 15% or more.

This is a clever little feature in the bot that is very useful when using it for lay betting. You can tell the bot not to bet if there are any non-runners, or you can specify a particular reduction factor level at which it won’t bet. By setting mine at 15% I was basically telling the bot not to bet if the favourite (or sometimes second favourite) became a non-runner before the race. You can see how useful this is when you are lay betting. If you are relying on a favourite or second favourite to give your selection some stiff competition then you probably don’t want to get involved if those horses don’t run, and the bot works this out for you.

However, obviously non-runners work to our favour when backing, especially backing decent priced runners as the MR2 system appears to do.

So I ended up missing at least one winning bet yesterday when my bot didn’t bet because of this rule I had ticked. I missed:

19.05 Ffos Las – Romanesco / BSP 9.87

Plus for some reason my bot didn’t even have this race loaded into it, but it was on the csv file, so that’s another good priced winner missed:

20.30 Kempton – Whodathought / BSP 12

So that’s potentially 22 points I missed out on yesterday which is a shame.

I did, however, get on a winner at 26.00 which netted me £882.48 so it wasn’t all bad, and I finished the day with an overall profit of £466.93.

This is a good return by any standards and especially as I reset my bot to stake 1% of bank. That’s nearly £4000 profit in one week on less than a £500 bank.

A word of caution though.

I fully expect to see some kind of correction soon. This is a phenomenal winning streak and I know a lot of you have been sharing my success but remember this is horse racing and not a magic money machine.

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