I have a bit of news for you today about the Grey Horse Bot.

In case you don’t know what this is, it’s an automated betting software or ‘betting bot’ that connects to sites like Betfair and Betdaq replacing the normal browser interface. It has settings that allow you to pick particular races or runners and then bet, based on a number of configurable, preset options.

It has safety features built in that allows you to stop betting once you have reached your target profit or loss. Having set the software, you can then leave it to watch the markets and it only bets if it meets your preset criteria.

So if you have a system that requires you to monitor the betting markets looking for certain conditions for a horse to qualify as a bet, you simply set the bot to do it for you and then you can leave it running and it’ll find qualifying selections and bet on them for you while you go and do something else.

I’ve used the Grey Horse Bot for two of three years now and the team are constantly upgrading and improving the bot to incorporate new options and features, basically at customer request. Here is their main website:


This bot comes as a monthly subscription and in my opinion is easily worth the small cost because of the time it saves you and, especially for me, because it allows you to test out various methods in paper trading mode to see what works well and what doesn’t.

Well, the news is, they are now releasing a Lite version that comes at a one off affordable price, with no ongoing subscription. It’s a simplified version of the main bot but it will still have plenty of great features that will allow you to automate many of your betting systems.

Because the special edition bot is built around the same code used for the Grey Horse Bot and it goes through the same rigorous testing procedures, you know it will be a product that you can trust… I wouldnt recommend it if I wasnt the case.

Because this is going to be such a special offer and only a limited number are available there is a special “Tell me first” list.

If you pop over to:


You can read more about the new product and claim a very special gift.

If you don’t already use the Grey Horse Bot then I suggest you sign-up just to see what it is all about.