I have an update on the Grey Horse Bot today.

As many of you will know I’m a big fan of this bot because it does pretty much everything you could want a bot to do, and as I test out a lot of systems many of them can be tested with the bot in paper trading mode simply by setting the criteria of the system into the bot. It then happily bets away in either real money or using a fictional bank and you can easily see how well a system performs.

As a bonus to GHB members, the members area contains lots of systems and tips to use with the bot.

One such system is called Supersonic Lays and the results of this has been, well, supersonic.

It’s been running since March 1st and amazingly it hasn’t has a single losing bet yet!

The best way to use the tips is by staking to a Liability, using a set percentage of bank as the liability per bet. Grey Horse Bot does this easily, so if you tell it to stake to 10% liability it will calculate how much to bet on the horse so that the liability is exactly 10% of your betting bank. Obviously the stake will depend on what the odds are on the horse, so if the odds are high, the stake will be very low and vice versa. The risk on each bet is always 10% of whatever your bank is.

You can set the liability to whatever you like but starting with a £500 betting bank, the profit using 10% liability is £37,311.63 after Betfair commission up to 5th October.


Grey Horse Bot users get this for free, at least for now.

If you don’t have the Grey Horse Bot you can try it here:

Grey Horse Bot
They also have a ‘Lite’ version which is a one-off purchase with much less functionality but also comes with Supersonic Lays.
You can get Grey Horse Bot Lite here:

Grey Horse Bot Lite