Malcolm just did a new video showing how his MR2  system makes even more profit by tightening the odds range between 7.0 and 20.

Trouble is, today we had two winners at 32.00 and 27.00 which may well throw a spanner in the works for that idea. No doubt he’ll be looking at that over the next 24 hours to see what impact it has.

I personally got matched at 29.00 and 27.00 but I’m not going to complain about that, it’s still an excellent day.

MR2 is a free bonus to all Grey Horse Bot subscribers. I run mine on a VPS and leave it on 24/7. The selections get automatically uploaded to it each morning so once it’s turned on, there’s nothing else to do except perhaps change the odds parameters now and again when Malcolm works out how to make it even more profitable.

It’s certainly the best system I’ve used yet with this bot.

You can get the Grey Horse Bot here: