I have been looking at Greyhound Back Pro, a greyhound tipping service, Tips are received via a little app at 8:30 each morning. There are lots of potential bets each day, so there is the ability to save the list in a suitable format for input in to The Bet Engine, BetSender or BF Bot. This saves a lot of effort as the vast majority of potential bets exceed the suggested odds limit of 4.0. The software only runs in Windows environments.

I set up The Bet Engine to follow these selections, with a single pass 10 seconds before the schedule race start using 10p stakes.

The service has tiered pricing, but the minimum subscription is 3 months at £34.99 but if you use a betting bot, then their subscriptions need to be factored in, and for the sake of this trial I will add £12.50 per month for The Bet Engine starter license ( 2 tabs).

I arbitrarily choose a 100 point bank as I could not find any advice on bank management, and started with a bank of £1000 so I could use the Cash Master standard £10 per bet stake. Betfair is the recommended bookmaker, so profits are adjusted for 5% commission.

Unfortunately, the final week’s summary is incomplete as I had a brief visit to hospital and couldn’t get the bets. I went to the website to see if I could get the results from there as they advertise that they update the results daily, only to find that the most recent update is 20th June!

Averaging 7.7 bets per day, we got 200 winners from 698 bets for an overall loss of 34.40 points. Average odds are 3.4, remember there is a ceiling of 4.0. Using our standard stake, this is a loss of £344 to which subscriptions to this service and The Bet Engine need to be added bringing the total loss of £416. The two days I missed might have improved this position, but I doubt it.

Alarm bells ring when the vendor doesn’t update their “daily” results, and the almost unremitting catalogue of daily losses I can see why! Whilst only 41 points down, and a string of a few winners would turn this around, I have not seen anything that would give me confidence that this service can generate this winning run. You have probably already guessed, but I am going fail this service.

You can try Greyhound Back Pro HERE